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They fall in love younger and younger these days.

If you've ever been love struck, than you know just how bad it feels when people don't understand the way you feel. Whether you're crushing or head over heels, if you're interested in someone -- nothing anyone says or does can change those feelings. If you think you're going through it in your twenties, it appears that this toddler has it worse off [see video above].
It's obvious she feels extremely strong about Jared, but when her parents tell her that Jared is indeed not her boyfriend -- she breaks down crying. Sounds familiar? It's okay to tell the truth, we all cry. This video is a mixture of cute, hilarious and extremely down to earth. Although the little girl probably has absolutely no clue what having a boyfriend means [or who in the world Jared is], we've all been in her shoes before -- or at least I have. We mention we are interested in someone and the naysayers chime in with their negativity.
Don't let others dictate the way you feel, this two year old surely didn't.
If Jared makes her happy, that's all that truly matters.
give her Jared!
lol exactly!!! she's madly in love @jokes