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Is it just me or does anyone get extremely emotional when it comes to there bias?? I seriously feel like im crazy sometimes because never in my life have I ever been soo emotional when it comes to someone I honestly don't know what it is but Kwon Jiyong seriously kills me. He is the only person that I have ever gotten emotional over and the only person ive ever loved as much as I do. Ive even officially dated two people(who ended up being major jerks) and I never felt this way with them.Im seriously not a huge people person and I only like a select few, I honestly would choose animals over people any day lol but I just dont know why Jiyong effects me like he does. I cant put it into words.
Jiyong is seriously the first person ive ever felt this way towards. yes I love my other bias and I care about all of them but no one can ever take Jiyongs place in my heart. It drives me insane and sometimes makes me mad that I feel this way about someone ive never met but I just can't stop thinking about him ever, his music is what I turn to when im upset , if anything happens GD is the first thing that comes to mind and im automatically put at ease. I just seriously love him so much.
I seriously never in a million years imagined that some random stranger would come along and change my life forever. Crazy thing is I saw videos of GD a couple times years ago when he performed with missy Elliott and once before that. I was drawn to him but never really thought he would come back into my life like he did. He seriously is my sunshine his smile makes my day in a matter of seconds and it just makes me melt.
Jiyong is seriously the most amazingly perfect human bean ever and I would give anything to be able to just sit down and have a simple conversation about anything and everything. I dont care for pictures autographs nothing I would just love to get to know jiyong and talk to him. and idk why but ive been feeling extra emotional when I see the military stuff idk why, I grew up with both parents in the military and have worked/lived on base way after they got out . I know its gonna go by fast and hes not going yet but I just worry so much and I cant imagine two years without my love♡
미안해요 for this I just had to vent a little because since his birthday ive just been so emotional and idk why. It makes me understand J.y.p.'s song where he says "I look at you and start to cry"and how he says its not being a bad thing just unexplained tears from the overwhelming amount of feelings that race through when you look at someone you love and care about.
I feel like they share so much of themselves with us that we can't help but give up so much of ourselves to them. Thats why when something happens to them we hurt so badly!
this is so sweet. there is so much truth in what you said!! They are a lot closer to their fans and i love that.
@kpopandkimchi i know I think thats part of.the reason ive noticed eith most korean artists/actors etc. they share everything they are always themselves and they do a lot for there fans compared to how in America if you dont have money majority of.the celebs won't give.you the light of day
can I keep him?