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this show is addictive.. surprisingly addictive despite the lack of romance. primarily, i'd say, the reason is that it was very realistic and concerned the social and psychological issues faced by students.. for me was every little thing about the show that made me a fan.. the bromance.. the teachers.. the situation and circumstances.. when someone asks me what this show is about, i say "SCHOOL"..then they ask is there "romance"? i say NO.. they ask me then how did you watch it? i say i just did.. and went on and just couldn't get off!! i loved it.. i don't know why and i just laughed and cried and was simply lost in the little details of school life!
looks a lot like shin hye...
just finished watching School. it has a lot if heart, this show. and yeah, I thought Kang Joo was Park Shin Hye at first.
you said it all... and the bromance all around is simply awesome... love this show but i would love it even more if there was romance in it... from the teachers and from lee jong suk and that girl from faith... there was so much potential of a love life there... and wouldn't you say the kang joo girl, the one with short hair looks a lot like your park shin hye?,,,^^