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I love listening to he's voice, my #panda I love him<3 him and D.O are my life <3
my Angel <3
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he's voice is perfect, my favorite song is M.O.M by toa <3 because of him I love k-pop music and D.O lol. @marilovexoxo
@AngelaLimon right!! hes just too perfect , I love that song but my fave is one heart
I feel bad , because the k-pop industry said that some of he's songs don't count as k-pop music because he made them in Los Angeles California :( @marilovexoxo
@AngelaLimon that's so stupid other artists have perfomed in LA and NY so does that mean they aren't kpop artists . I think one of the main reasons they are so mean to him is because he is not Korean
true ,but I wish in the future they understand :) I will all support him @marilovexoxo