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Those are muscles.
I'll say that again.

Those are MUSCLES.


@RosePark tagged me in this Twisted Thursday anime challenge and it took me a little while to remember just how creeped out I was by the major fight scene from Yu Yu Hakusho. Toguro was the main antagonist during the Dark Tournament and when I watched this episode for the first time it make me feel gross. Something about the sound effects freaked me out. So, good job sound design team? Honestly he creeped me out even more than the weird brother who lived on his shoulder.
I actually don't even remember what Toguro was trying to accomplish. World domination? Being super strong all the time? Who knows.

Thank goodness Yusuke saved the day!

This was a great challenge! Thank you for tagging me ^_^
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Guess I've been wrong about muscles this whole time! XD
@poojas @shannonl5 the muscle guys is creepy but hes just muscle at the end. The brother on the other hand is creepier imo specially when hes in his "parasite"mode...imagine a huge parasite with a human head im sayin nope to that
oooh yeah @RosePark I think I may have blocked that out XD
Yusuke is such a babe. ♡ Kurama too. And Hiei... Not to mention Kuwabara... I'm getting carried away.
@maxi217 lol go for it they're all awesome!