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A poem for Pocky: Ooo you touch my tralala. Mmm my ding ding dong. Oh pocky my love. Where could I go wrong? You've been with me through thick and thin. You let me use you to distract a kid who asked if there were games one my phone. (thanks again) You helped me get over the embarrassment of falling off the treadmill and smacking my face on the floor in front of EVERYONE AT THE GYM. I even shared you with my cat...yes...I'm a loser, oetori, sen cheokhaneun geopjaengi. BACK TO WHAT I WAS SAYING. I am writing this to reassure you that i love you and nothing will ever change that. It was destined for me to consume you. As Bob Marley once said...well actually said a few times...One love. One heart. Let's stick together and feel alright. Love Your Happy Customer from 'Merica, Anastasia Brown a.k.a Crazy Cat Lady
Bahahaahah omg I like how this went from K-Pop to reggae. I appreciate your tastes.
Lmao. ^.^ Make sure you share it to the funny community!!