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Sometimes, you're on the internet just innocently minding your own business, and you stumble into a place you never meant to be. A place like OMG Sloths in Space.
I was too stunned by the collage of gifs before me to move. The back button became a distant memory. What was this place? OMG? More like WTF.
It was the weirdest treasure trove of sloth images and animated gifs that I had ever seen.
Some of them were kind of motivational.
Some of them were also kind of de-motivational, especially for those of us on diets.
Many were just plain adorable (if inexplicable).
And then some were just sassy AF.
But as I scrolled, all of these images had me thinking...
These sloths are so cute, but I'm just...
so confused
Who made this
Is that a Frozen sloth??
Okay now things are getting scary like wtf
...But then, after taking a deep breath and pausing to reflect...
I started to question my own place in the Slothiverse.
I remembered the dreams I had long ago put to rest.
Who am I?
What is this big strange universe we live in?
And wtf are sloths, are they even from Earth I mean come on
OMG Sloths in Space took me on an existential journey. I have emerged from the starry womb of the night with new clarity:

Life doesn't make a lot of sense.

Sometimes, we're smug sloths with crowns on; sometimes, we're sleepy sloths riding a hover-taco to who the heck knows.

But, in the end, as intrepid spacesloths in a strange, mysterious universe, I guess we just have to kind of...

Deal with it.

If you or a friend is struggling with existential sloth angst, please share this with sloth
They will thank you for it
I promise
My brother is freaking out over this. For me... i am cowering in fear of sloths taking over the world... I must create a sloth proof bunker--and fast! D:
@oppadesu I pretty much died and was reborn through all of this
Hahahaha @TheGreenEyedPup don't worry, the sloths are benevolent overlords!! We have nothing to fear from them, except death by cuteness
Oh. My. GOSH!!!! My life is now complete. @allischaaff you're amazing! Sooo cah-yoooot!! OMG. @danidee & Alli, look up Kristen Bell + Ellen + sloth on YouTube. The best...
@danidee YES OMG that is a classic piece of sloth lovers lore. It's so funny hahaha. Poor Kristen. I just want a pet hover sloth sitting on a pizza @jokes . Is that too much to ask?!?
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