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@jessicalnichols no no please don't take it the wrong way i love it. i dunno why but his stare with the sunset is just very atmospheric and makes me laugh for some reason. it's like it should be a poster for a melodrama and he's the star. ^^ really don't mind me i'm super weird like this. sorry if i offended...
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@KellyOConnor ohh!!! i just couldn't see why people were laughing you weren't the only one! i was gonna take it down thought it was offending people or something!
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@jessicalnichols please don't ever take it down I love it and it's awesome! I was worried that I upset you, sometimes the way I say or text things can sound really rude or mean (as many of my friends can attest) when I don't mean to be! glad we got it sorted though! but really this made my day!
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@KellyOConnor no no I seriously was like what in the world is soo laughable! i made it using an app and screen shot from the n.o mv
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@KellyOConnor you think thats funny you should see the others I did
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