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Welcome to this week's edition of the Funny Community weekly game - "SO GOOD OR NO GOOD"! Every Monday, I post to ask your opinion on various things that a lot of people either strongly love or strongly hate, and then share the full community results!
Last week I asked you how you felt about raisins! Out of the 16 users who responded, 13 of you said you like to eat raisins in one way or another, whether it's in oatmeal cookies, trail mix, or even as a pack of Raisinettes.
That means RAISINS WIN!!!!!!! (Although, to be honest, I'm still undecided how I feel about them.)

This week, I want to know - Dipping french fries in your milkshake: So Good or No Good?

Yes, apparently this is a thing.

But is it YOUR thing?

Let us know with your comment below.

And be prepared to defend your answer!

I love dipping my fries in Oreo McFlurries! You guys should all try it!
Ewwww bacon grease lol @alywoah. I guess I can't knock it 'til i've tried it, but don't fries have enough grease on their own?? But yeah, i'm SO into dipping my fries into my milkshake. Actually, i usually take it one step farther – my fave combination is McDonald's chicken nuggets dipped into a vanilla shake. It's weirdly super super good. The fries dipped in milkshake is just a bonus ;D
Dear God no!!!!! seriously though I cannot fathom why this is an actual thing... This is just some sort of prank you're trying to play on me and @jiggzy19 isn't it @danidee? XD
really? French fries in milkshakes? really?
I've tried it, it's alright. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, so it's not something I drool over. Now, dipping french fries into bacon grease, I might be into that...
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