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When it comes to cosplaying, I firmly believe that if you aren't willing to find the perfect, high-quality wig, you should probably not spend much time or money putting the rest your cosplay together! A wig can seriously make or break how great you look: put a super high quality wig on with your closet cosplay, A+! Put a crappy wig on with your expensive outfit, F!

And so, for bringing my dear Nozomi to life, I am determined to find the perfect wig.

I don't personally know many people that cosplay Nozomi, but my friend @starberry knows this lovely cosplayer UniBot, and told me that her wig is this wig from Lucialle. I trust their wigs and I want to just order that one, but I really love the fullness of Nozomi's pig tails, so I'm considering adding additional wefts to whichever wig I get! And, I'm not sure how I feel about the color.
These are all other wig options I found on ebay, Taobao, etc, but I always worry about the quality from these sellers, because you can't pick up the wig and see it for yourself, and you might not know anyone that has ordered from there. Plus, these all seem to be the wrong thickness or color or length.
In the past, my wigs have always been from Lucialle or from Arda wigs, because these are two sites that I truly trust and have no problem ordering from.
I found these two videos from Arda, which what I think I'm ultimately going to use: adding extra wefts to a wig, and then putting it into a low ponytail crossing the non-parted back if necessary! Then, when I put the wig on and style it, I'm going to tease the wig to get the right fullness! It might be super annoying to detangle later, but It will look great.
@starberry also had a great idea to try to put my own hair Princess Leia style buns on the sides of my head, and then pig tail the wig around it so that my own hair can act as a kind base for poofy the wig out in those areas. Once I order a wig, I might have to test it!
If anyone has any experience with wigs (I know mentioned that she does!!!) I'd love any tips or resources you guys have to help me figure out how to make sure I don't end up having to re-order a better wig.
Anyways, I'll bring these looks to life somehow! (Yes, these are some of the Nozomis I hope to do next year ^^ I can use the same wig for all four, yay!)