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Hey Vingler gamers!
It's Mario week all week, but since MArio's been in over a hundred different games, that gives us some room to still talk about other games! So here's todays Quick Question Challenge:

Who's your favorite character in Super Smash Bros?

The picture above is from Super Smash Bros for the Wii U, but it can be a character from any iteration of the series!

My Pick: Toon Link

I love Toon Link for lots of reasons; he's light and floaty and get around easily, but he also has some super quick punishing attacks. His Up-B draws opponenets in rather than knocking them back like the regular link, and he has smaller hurtboxes.
Plus, he's adorable as hell.
of course Fox all the way~
I can't pick between Rosalina and Palutena. I love Rosalina's abilties to fight from a safe distance and her gravity draws in items and negates projectiles. And Palutena is a character I like using in countering and reflecting plus her dash attack is amazing. Although they're not that great in competitive play but I love them.
@rosepark man I have some friends who are fox players and it's so irritating to play against. he's so goddamned fast. @MaraWhite I love Robin's B moves, I think they have really good diversity (for the time they last) @butterflyblu I don't know why, but I kind of expected pit from you XD @LAVONYORK @buddyesd Snake is dope too! way too heavy for my taste though.
I love Robin or Marth.
Snake or jiggle puff lol
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