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I'd like to think of myself as a pretty thoughtful guy. I mean, I spend a lot of my time staring at the ceiling and letting all the the thoughts in my head run wild for about 15 minutes before I have to go smoke out the crazy stuff with cigarettes.
Anyway, during one of these 15 minute thought waves, I found myself thinking about Back to the Future and how I used to watch it with my family over and over again on VHS. After a quick look-search on the Internet about the movie, I found the documentary Back in Time.
My brother, my cousin, and I used to watch Back to the Future and its sequel over and over again. It was to the point where it became something we all had in common. I'd sit there and be happy that I was doing something with the coolest kids I knew at the time (they're still the coolest kid).
And after watching the trailer (above), I felt a little validated. I know Back to the Future is this giant pop-culture thing that people around the world love. But I didn't know it touched people on a personal level the same way it did for me. Being the smallest kid in school, I always felt a little, well, like a loser.
I never identified with Marty McFly when I watched the movie. I always thought of myself more like his dad. A nerdy guy who constantly got picked on. And it sucked, it really did.
But watching him stand-up to Biff in that first movie. The line "get your damn hands off of her" always rings in my head (and honestly, sometimes I try to do impressions of Crispin Glover in that scene when I'm alone). It was the one time I saw a nerdy guy -- like myself -- stick up for himself in a movie.
And every time I watched it, I remembered that I needed to stick up for myself, too. It helped teach me that little things like that could lead to something bigger than I could ever imagine. And today, it's still one of my favorite movies.
I can't until this documentary comes on on October 21st, 2015 because it'll remind me of my childhood and the way I've changed for the better by watching this movie with my family almost every summer.
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Terrible admission time: I've never seen any of the Back to the Future movies...