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No Game, No Life: More Photos from Otakon!
I looked at my phone at lunch last week to see THESE!!!!


and i SQUEALED and my friends were very confused because I just kept repeating "STEPHU DOLA STEPHU DOLA STEPHU DOLA" and showing them photos of us.
(@starberry / JenniBon as Stephu Dola)
i LOVE LOVE LOVE these so much and they were definitely 98 3/4 % guaranteed worth the 2-3 AM photoshoot!!!
I have such an immense love for this show and my friends as these characters and just uuuuuuuuuuu LOOK AT US!!!!!! <3
Photographer: Dan Seiter
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These are awesome!
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these look so dope!
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qsxillup8l,il @VinMcCarthy @poojas
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