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What The Hell is a "Thighbrow"!?
Move out the way thigh-gap, thighbrow is about to take over the show.
When I first heard of term, I totally though it was massive hair on an awkward part of the thigh. I was wrong. Phew! (Actually is had been defined by Urban Dictionary back in 2005 as being the "a woman's bush [that] sticks out from under her panties on each side." Umm BUT--
The new buzzword has been redefined. The thighbrow is the crease that shows when you're sitting in a high-cut bathing suit. (The Debrief)
Apparently this a new thing, but I thought this was just a thing that just happens when we sit down? I don't get it. But I am here to explain what it is. There is no workout to achieve this look -- at least not that I know of. But yeah, I guess another body trend to get people obsessed with their bodies in ridiculous ways. Yayyy!!!!
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