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I was reminded by @kpopandkimchi 's card the other day that we're now over half way through the 30 Day VIXX Challenge!! @AgentLeo suggested I continue doing a weekly recap like I did last week!

Here's how this recap will go:

- I'm gonna pic my favorite photo or two from all the cards made for Days 6-12 so far and show them below, and tag the person who had uploaded it.
- Then, for the favorite MVs and songs, I'm gonna tally them all up and see what everyone's favorites were!!

Day 6: Favorite Photos of 6VIXX

Thank you @KpopGaby and @MeeshellBuchanfor choosing these two pics!

Day 7: Favorite Photos of N

@NatMarie and @baileykayleen had really, really great photos of Hakyeon...our leader!!

Day 8: Favorite Photos of Leo

...... @HappyGLAlexis and have slayed me!!!

Day 9: Favorite Photos of Ken

Lots of Ken love in these pics from @netchtiBates and myself!!!

Day 10: Favorite Photos of Ravi

Ravvvvviiii love from @HappyGLAlexis and @Miss148!!!

Day 11: Favorite Photos of Hongbin

My secret bias affection is flaring up thanks to @DianaBell and @baileykayleen.

Day 12: Favorite Photos of Hyuk

Baby Hyuk, brought to you by @Miss148. Man Hyuk brought to you by @netchtiBates.

Day 13: Favorite MV!

Currently, the Vingle Starlight favorite MV seems to be HYDE with quite a few runner ups :)
(I'll update these rankings if more people make cards for Day 13!!)



Day 14: Five Favorite Songs!

People who voted so far: @baileykayleen, @DeeNice, @netchtiBates, @byeolbit
(I'll update these if more people make cards!)
Error (this was the favorite so far!!!)
Beautiful Liar (this was definitely the second favorite so far!!)
Light Up the Darkness
Don't Want to be an Idol
On and On
Rock Ur Body
Love Letter
Thank You for Being Born

What U Waiting For
Youth Hurts (청춘이 아파)
My Light
Super Hero

So....if you haven't heard any of these songs....go listen to them!!!

If you haven't joined in the VIXX challenge yet, it's not too late. You can join in today from Day 15 with us, or just start at the beginning and do your own 30 Days!

Let's do it together ^^

double them up @AimeeH thats how im doing it haha
@AimeeH i feel ya i just did 5,6,7,8,9,10 today xD
I feel like we need to make a Vingle Starlights Greatest Hits album hahahaa LOVE THIS CARD!
@AimeeH @AgentLeo LOL yeah feel free to group them up!!! Or just do 1 a day :) its ok if we're all on different days its still fun to read!!!! and then the "month" will last longer hahahahaha
@AgentLeo we got this! *highfives*
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