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In a report by the New York Times, it found that villages are struggling with lost revenue from hunting. The bans on hunting restrict tourist from coming into the villages and killing for sport.
The hunting ban has also meant a precipitous drop in income. Over the years, villagers had used money from trophy hunters, mostly Americans, to install toilets and water pipes, build houses for the poorest, and give scholarships to the young and pensions to the old.

Perhaps the village can think up another tourist venture? I sure would hate to see more animals killed, but also hate to see the villagers suffer.

Cartoon Source : Green Humor
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@nicolejb because there is no other immediate solution. there is no sense in having people suffer from a lack of economy and income while they have the means to provide it. leave the hunting open and work on a long term solution at the same time.
@VinMcCarthy But what if the immediate solution could have long-term consequences? like endangering species. I see this a multifaceted problem that could be resolved with a little aid and a long term solution as well :)
@nicolejb hopefully it could be, but the fact is that in the meantime, people suffer. human lives. and I know it's an unpopular position, but I really don't give a s#!t about endangering animals, provided we keep our own safe. except bees. we need bees.
I think our ecosystem would beg to differ @VinMcCarthy. The humans that are suffering in this village are already receiving aid from other humans. I'm not one to side with the animals usually, (I'm not vegan and I'm not super animal rights), but even I can see that trophy hunting is wrong.
@nicolejb and you're absolutely allowed to feel that way. I just feel differently.