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Okay, Love & Relationship Vinglers! Let's play one of my favorite games, Would You Rather :) (I may or may not have been inspired by @danidee Thanks girl!)

Would you rather...

The only form of physical intimacy you can share with your significant other, for life, is kissing. No hand holding, no cuddling, nothing but kissing.


You've found your one true love, your soul mate, but you can't kiss them (not even on the cheek). You can do anything else, just no kissing – ever.
Post your answer in the comments below, and remember to give your reasoning! :D
@allischaaff I'd choose kissing, since you didn't specify where, I'd be creative :D
@EddiePozo lol I like your equation. Very smart XD And @VinMcCarthy you're right hahaha @buddyesd you scoundrel!! XD <3 It's amazing, looks like most people so far are choosing no kissing!! I would have thought there were at least a few more romantics like myself :,O hahaha. There's nothing, and I mean NOTHING like a kiss! It's such a beautiful moment of connection between two people. You feel like your souls are melting together... I just love the intimacy of that moment. It's somehow even more intimate than sex, for me. Is anyone else going to swoop in and defend kissing?!?!?!
Simple math, (sex + after cuddle) (numerous other combinations) >> kissing. Math is never wrong
Haha this is silly! 😁 If I had to choose - an awful thing to make us do - I would have to say everything but kissing? ...which is still sad, but I can't get rid of cuddling on the couch playing video games or holding hands while taking Bowser for a walk! So I suppose I agree with you, @VinMcCarthy
@Marichel I feel you girl!!!
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