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sometimes I wish that I didn't have the life I have now .. is that sad or a bad thing ? I know that my friends aren't psychologist or anything of the sortbut I'm still gonna vent a little why does it look like I won't ever get to be truly happy or successful... I see all my friends who are....married, have a successful career ,and have a family. yet here I am, I feel like I haven't accomplished anything with my life... my faith ( btw I was brought up in a faith filed family) has been very very worn and I hate top day it but it feels like I've lost my way . I'm not as strong as I was in my faith and that honestly worries me a lot . I seem to have absolutely NO social life ( other than here ) and I feel very pathetic right about now so my thing is why am I not really truly happy ? Is it because I am "too nice" for my own good or is it because I am a easily influenced person who sucks at life ? ........ I'm just ranting right now but still out bothers me that I don't have a life anymore and I know that I could take control and start to make my own personal changes and improvements in my life but the main problem is my own self. I just don't know what I want to do with my life and that scares the Hell out of me. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you
Don't ever compare your life with others. Everyone has their own story. You don't know what may actually happen behind their families so maybe you're doing much better than them. I know this actress that is like 60-80 years old (don't know her age lol) and she hasn't been married or had children! I was taken back but she loved it that way. She had all things to herself and she didn't have to worry about having to feed 2-3 more people or having to argue with your partner. So not being in a relationship and having a family might be a good thing unless you truly want one than that's a different story. If you want a different life with friends and guys filing up behind you to become yours, open those doors and say hello to the world, meet random people from the streets, make connections because those people that you meet can help you get a new and better job, the way you interact here apply it with others just don't talk about K-Pop on the first meeting hahaha it'll creep them out. This is what my teachers had told me and I'm gonna tell you. YOU create your future, so if you want big things, strive to get them. Because one day, you will.
@nicolejb @rodiziktan @B1A4BTS5ever @KPopGaby I'm only tagging ya'll cuz I trust y'all and I would like your opinion on this plz
Aww omgosh you thank you everyone !!! I definitely feel so much love from you guys !!!! I was not really expecting this much support !! I am really flattered that y'all are so caring.
I don't know your personal struggle, and Iwon't pretend to. I just want you to know that if you need a space to rant or anything, my inbox is always open. I've felt like this a lot in my life, and though are circumstances are definitely different, I am always willing to lend an ear for aid, if you need it.
Thanks for tagging me @ShadowAnggel87! I’m sorry you feel this way. :( @alywoah, made some good points about getting out there and doing things that make you feel uncomfortable at first, but are really good for you! that helps me too! the other advice I would give... Don’t compare yourself to others. This is really hard, but I found if I just look around my own life, I have so much going for me. I have a family that loves me very much, I have clothes and food and shelter. Take a day to realize how many blessings are in your life and reach out to the people you already have that matter:) sending my love! and feel free to message me any time!
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