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In need of some help
sometimes I wish that I didn't have the life I have now .. is that sad or a bad thing ? I know that my friends aren't psychologist or anything of the sortbut I'm still gonna vent a little why does it look like I won't ever get to be truly happy or successful... I see all my friends who are....married, have a successful career ,and have a family. yet here I am, I feel like I haven't accomplished anything with my life... my faith ( btw I was brought up in a faith filed family) has been very very worn and I hate top day it but it feels like I've lost my way . I'm not as strong as I was in my faith and that honestly worries me a lot . I seem to have absolutely NO social life ( other than here ) and I feel very pathetic right about now so my thing is why am I not really truly happy ? Is it because I am "too nice" for my own good or is it because I am a easily influenced person who sucks at life ? ........ I'm just ranting right now but still out bothers me that I don't have a life anymore and I know that I could take control and start to make my own personal changes and improvements in my life but the main problem is my own self. I just don't know what I want to do with my life and that scares the Hell out of me. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you
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Hun you are beautiful don't ever forget that! don't ever compare your self to other people you a re perfect in your own way . you might not have anything figured out right now but you have to experience and live life,you soon will figure it out. Don't waste life with regrets :) you are an amazing person .
first of all, thanks for the tag. Like you know, I have some experience I think we share. I take myself for a great example to tell you and prove to you, everything can change. But the change won't come by itself, your people or whoever can't do this for you. You are the only one with a power of change, a change for better. Sometimes or actually a lot of times you might feel that there is no way out... But it is. It can take a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of will, but it is worth it. Start today, no excuses. I hope you don't take my advice too harsh, this is not my intention, I hope you find my '"positive voice" behind this comment and start feeling happy, successful. You can totally do it. I believe in you.
i wasn't tagged but I'll drop a line here because I can relate as well. As a child i grew up attempted to fill the void of my existence by comforming to the world around me, but I never truly belong. once i found myself i found that the world is mine to conform to me. then i no longer felt alone