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To be fair, I totally wrote a card about Hillary Clinton doing the Whip/Nae Nae dance today. I’m not the media, but I’m sure perpetuating the silly coverage of elections.
Now I’m wondering if the audience really wants quality coverage, or they are more into Clinton at Chipotle. Maybe it’s not entirely the media’s fault.
Gif Source: Huffington Post
I’m on the same page @mchlyang, if people want cheap information then that’s what they’ll get!
Damn. If this gif LOOKS like a wild goose chase, it's because that's exactly what our media coverage style is.
Yeah, like the Ferris wheel at the circus where one group pays for the ride to go around and around. Lol. Weird metaphor @ButterflyBlu
Haha HILLARY ORDERS GOOSE in the next headline @danidee
I feel like elections in the states are becoming more like a tv's not only the media's fault but also the consumers' fault as well.
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