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Happy Mario Week! My favorite Mario game of all time has got to be Mario Party. It doesn't matter which iteration of the series, I don't care, I love it either way. And I'm pretty sure I love it for the same reason that people hate it.
It's not even the actual gameplay or the mechanics or whatever the story is supposed to be. It's the arguing and the actual fighting that happens between the people you decide to play the game with. Among my friends (or ex-friends) we like to call Mario Party, "the game you play when you want to lose your friends".
And it's totally true.
Everything in this game is geared towards the players just, well, fucking with each other until they win. And sometimes (see: all of the times) the person who isn't actually trying ends up winning the whole game because they've just been saving up coins to give to that giant ghost that'll steal your coins and stars you worked so goddamn hard for.
Phew. Anyway, I love that part of the game. I love getting mad at my cousins and I love when they get mad at me. There's nothing like rolling fake dice and moving across a fake board game just to knock controllers out of their hands and then kick them across the room (the controllers) then kick them across the room (the person playing) so they can't get to the controllers.
There's nothing like some wholesome family Mario Party fun/fistfights to really get the blood pumping.
Thanks again, @VinMcCarthy for this awesome challenge. I honestly thought Super Mario 3 was my favorite Mario game but I've had so many great experiences with the Mario Party series, I couldn't not write about it!
LOL @VinMcCarthy It's true... *covers face*
hahaha this is great! the kicking across the room... for whatever reason, I can somehow imagine @buddyesd and @butterflyblu doing that kind of stuff...
Have you ever played Mario Party Island Tour, Bowser's tower is awesome for killing time through fun minigames.
kicking stuff is a speciality of Morphy Guy!! lol
@LouisKonakci that title alone tells me just how much bottom of the barrel scraping is happening at nintendo