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David Foster Wallace and his infinite wisdom returns again with a reminder of how we should take care of ourselves. He reminds us of this by putting an emotion and image in our heads that we can all relate to.
Sometimes remembering to love ourselves is something that gets lost in the shuffle. We tend to put it in the backseat and make other things a priority. Work and love lives get pushed up to the top and thoughts of fame and success take over as well. It's almost as if we believe that we are watching life from a distance instead of experiencing it for ourselves.
It's a great reminder but also a difficult task to complete. We can spend our whole lives not properly taking time to love ourselves the same way we love others but I think as long as we're on the journey to that place, it's okay.
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I don't want to be a downer or a cynic here, but DFW killed himself. I think maybe he couldn't even see the truth in his own words, or maybe he saw it and determined it was impossible for him to do.