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It's just those lazy days.

Sometimes we wake up and wish we could magically look put together with a quick snap of the fingers. Unfortunately, as women, we all know that is never going to happen. On most days it takes us close to an hour to get ourselves primped and prepped -- and on a good day, maybe half an hour [tops]. Between our hair and doing our makeup, those are the two areas that usually cause us to be late, late and oh yeah, late.
It's easy to throw on a little BB Cream and keep it moving or go for the "no makeup" makeup look, but what there aren't too many quick and easy options when it comes to our hair -- or are they? When it comes to being lazy and rushing, it's the worst combination ever -- but per usual, I have you ladies covered with these three lazy day hairstyles [below] you can do within seconds.

The Low Ponytail

If you thought ponytails were a thing of the past, think again. They are easy to do, manageable and will still have you look put together within a matter of seconds. A low ponytail screams low maintenance, but can still be super chic and sleek.

The Hat

Yes, you read that correctly. Somedays you just need to throw on a hat and keep it moving. It takes absolutely nothing to throw on a stylish hat and go about your day.

The Heatless Waves

In other words, the messy hair look. Grab yourself some dry shampoo and go to work [not literally], well yes, literally. Dry shampoo not only gives your hair volume, but it will keep it clean and refreshed in between wash days. You can still have the texture you long for without the heat in less time.

Step away from the heat and put down the weapon.

Choose one of three styles above and cut down on time.
You can thank me later.
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