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This performance by Narciso Yepes is from before 1963, prior to his design of his 10-string guitar, and played on a 6-string guitar by Ramirez. The string players are from the Cuarteto Clásico de Madrid. Franz Joseph Haydn: Quartet in D Major, Hoboken III:8 (op. 2. no. 2) This "Quartetto" comes from a manuscript in the Staats- und Stadtsbibliothek, Augsburg. The manuscript contains many chamber works with lute and the handwriting may be that of the lutenist Hagen (1697-1761). It cannot be said for certain whether Haydn made this or his other lute arrangement himself, though it is known that he was acquainted with the Viennese lutenist Karl von Kohaut. The tonality of the lute version (played here by Narciso Yepes on the classical guitar) differs from that of the original string quartet op. 2 no. 2. It is another example of how alien the Modern concept of "the original key" would have been to musicians of Haydn's and earlier times. The tonality was relative and adapted to the characteristics of the available or desired instruments. The lute (guitar) version closely follows the version for string quartet. The movements and the viola part have all been retained. Movements: Allegro molto 00:00 Minuetto I 04:19 Adagio 07:32 Minuetto II 14:00 Finale: Presto 17:00 from Youtube Discription by tenstringguitarINFO