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I just wanted to thank everyone who welcomed me yesterday. It really means a lot. ∩_∩ And I really want to get to know some of you soooo.....
I'm gonna share my top 3 biases and why they are my top. And u can leave your own and why in the comments :)
1. JIN -BTS This should've been pretty obvious if you saw my first card. Jin is just...sigh. When I first saw him in DOPE...okay let's just move on
2. DONGWOO -INFINITE (H) I literally have no words. SSJEJDDLRICCJRNCKRDMCRJWD!!!! That's my explanation. Enough said
3. SEHUN AND... BARO?? -EXO, B1A4 Yes I know I said top 3 but my heart couldn't decide lol. Sehun is so cute to me and Baro...oh Baro
I'm also planning to sonething similar like this but with K-Drama actors. We'll see what happens. FIGHTING!!
dongwoo use to be my ultimate for 4 years
Lol nice to meet a fellow Dongwoo fan @AimeeH I'll be sure to post more pics of our Dongwoo
Can I just hug your cute little neck?!? Any Dongwoo fan, is one of my favorite favorite people!
Dongwoo is just one of the nicest most genuine idols in tge industry. I LOVE HIM.
@Dino21 then u understand my struggle lol. Do u have others?
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