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Stephen King Reveals His Favorite Actor From All Of His Films

Stephen King is an amazing writer. Very awkward in person, but nonetheless an amazing mind.

Last week TMZ caught up with the talented writer in Washington D.C. for a quick interview (yes I was just as terrified as you, of ALL of the people for King to make time for, these were not the ones.)
Luckily TMZ was kind to King and asked him a clever question: out of all of the actors in his films, who is his favorite?
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While there were plenty of good actors in his films (From The Shining to Carrie (both of them), to The Shawshank Redemption and Misery, a lot of really good actors have played a part in his films) King doesn't even go in the tank to find his answer.
King immediately answers that Michael Clarke Duncan from The Green Mile was his favorite (may he rest in peace).
I loved his answer for this one!
The Green Mile isn't known as one of his scariest films, but is one of his most popular book to movie adaptions. Tom Hanks was incredible in his role, but Micheal Clarke Duncan was sensational in this film. This movie was truly a joy to watch.

I'll pose the same question to you that TMZ gave to King: Who is your favorite actor in a Stephen King film?

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