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Did it meet your expectations? There is so much going on. Did you guys catch Hanbin throughout the mv? Lol

Why are they so focused LOL

But seriously though, who's your type?


They finally debuted!!! ˚‧*♡( ˃̶̤̀◡˂̶̤́ )♡*‧˚

@jiggzy19 I feel like My Type was just the calm before the storm. Like they're gonna be all cute in this mv and then hit us with something really upbeat and hip hip when they release the rest of the songs
*hip hop
@jiggzy19 Well they did call it their "warm-up" lol can you imagine what's next D:
@aabxo same here but it wasn't disappointing for me! I love slower songs just as much as I love fast paced songs! Although I think some of their other songs will be faster! Sort of like when UNIQ debuted with "Falling in Love" and then later on hit everyone with "Eoeo"! :)
@jiggzy19 I don't know why I expected something more fast paced lol But I grew to love it ^^
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