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Since I love totes and diy projects and pom poms, this super cute pom pom tote just makes sense to make. And you should make it too because how adorable is this for a gift or to go shopping at the farmers market?!

Supplies Needed:

canvas tote bag
red, yellow and peach colored yarn
a washable pen
green and brown embroidery floss
an embroidery needle
green felt
craft glue
Once you’ve made all your pom poms, place them on the tote bag and use the washable pen to dray in the stems. Use a backstitch to stitch along the lines. Then you’l need to throw the tote in the washer to remove all your pen lines.
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SO cute! I'm obsessed!!! Another amazing DIY from @DaniaChicago <3 :D
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Very sweet of you to say @allischaaff. I am going to share more tote bag ideas in a bit.
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