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Hello My name is Coreena and I have been into Kpop since 2009. I've been following GOT7 since their debut. I never fangirled so bad before except recently evreytime I watch one of GOT7's music videos and it shows JB I literally scream I even done it at my Asian friends house and she said calm down you have to much yellow fever and you're fangirling too much xD lmao and I do it evreytime there is just something about JB.
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@Starbell808 lmao you're welcome I have 56 photos of JB I made him his own photo album on my phone xD
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he and Jackson share one lol
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haha awesome. what are the order do you like GOT7 in? @Starbell808
2 years ago·Reply
JB Jackson and wveryone else the same lol
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@Starbell808 for me it goes JB, Jackson, Mark, Youngjae, Yugyeom, BamBam, Junior
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