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I found this article on Supposedly, Seungri Panda Bear is going to represent Big Bang in a jiujitsu tournament. However, only if it's true. Allkpop found a chart from another website claiming that this might happen.
I do know Seungri has been working hard though.

If it's true I wish him the best of luck!

T.O.P had some funny pictures of Seungri either before or after his jiujitsu practice. You have to read the comments though. SUPER FUNNY!
This would be interesting to hear about. If he is participating, I hope he does well and that he doesn't get hurt in the process. ^^
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For real? Wow. I don't really trust Allkpop but if it's true, I'm happy for Seungri. He's pursuing one of his childhood dream and I hope he'll enjoy the tournament. (:
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