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Want to make the cheapest fake flowers ever? This is the DIY tutorial for you! Those super cute flowers are made from tissue (like Kleenex)! This great DIY project comes from the super creative people at The Mother Huddle.


-- Tissues (3 ply makes super fluffy flowers)
-- Scissors
-- Bobby pins
-- Colored marker
-- Floral tape (you can find this at a craft store)

Fold the tissues

Take your 2-4 pieces of tissue paper and fold them into an accordian fold. Put the bobby pin in the middle of the folded tissue. Then tear the ends of the tissue off on each end. Then use the colored marker to rub the ink on the ends of the torn edges, as shown in the picture.

Fold the flower

Pull the pieces of tissue down to spread the tissue so that the flower starts to form. Be careful so that you don't rip the tissue.


Repeat these steps to make more flowers. You can use different colored markers to make different colored flowers.
You can also add some stems from fake flowers to make complete fake flowers with stems to put in vases.

Voila! Now you have super cute and super cheap fake flowers!

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I have to make these! So cute!!
I love when a DIY is pretty AND has really easy/fun directions. I could see me doing this for my work desk lol.
reminds me of this card I wrote about doing paper florals for your diy wedding
Beautiful carnations.