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Oh Pocky how I love thee! I even see you in my dreams! Pocky Pocky I need you! There is no better cure for my sweet tooth! I want you with dinner! I want you with Lunch! I need you always! Please give me a bunch!
It is a stick, dipped in chocolate! we love you pocky!
Dark is the coating on you Bitter is your taste It crunches when you break what do we call you? ...pocky
That is my poem ability in love for pocky form >.< Also I did this at like 3am so yeahhhh
So grab a friend and eat some pocky! It's a perfect snack to share and there are so many choices! (Pocky Panda is my favorite!)

This is for the Vingle Hunger Games! Join in the fun!

Here are the rules!
bonus Pocky makes for a great game! ;]
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@shantalcamara @smnthcarter773 You should give it a try!
Omg! I love all the gifs. Look at Minah!! Lol I wonder what 'Men's Pocky' is in that variety Pocky picture.
@VixenViVi alright I'll try
@danidee I believe its just a dark chocolate, some flavors are ment to be given to certain people ㅋㅋ
I love pocky! ^-^