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Fanservice Game Pt 2 (Results)
So they tell you to answer 2 questions. 1. What is your favorite song? & 2. Who is the member that holds a place in your heart above all of them? Naturally your nervous about answering but once you do, your bae tells you, "Then I have a surprise for you." They place a chair on stage and ask you to sit. They start to sing the song that you just mentioned was your favorite and then.....
Surprise #1: Your bae surprises you with flowers!!! (Note: Vernon (Seventeen) is not a flower but I thought it was cute.)
Surprise #2: Your bae surprises you with stuffed toy!!!!
Surprise #3: Your bae surprises you with a necklace/bracelet!!!!
Surprise #4: Your bae surprises you with a kiss!!!!
Surprise #5: As they dance and get to a sexy part of the routine, your bae pulls you to your feet and starts to dance with you!!!
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so, I dont have a bias in Seventeen... does that mean all seventeen guys i got a kiss from????? 馃槆馃槈
2 years agoReply
@CheyenneJessee now now you can't have joshua! i studied seventeen hard to pick a bias lol
2 years agoReply
okay... sixteen then lol, I'll have to call you up on stage so you can get Joshua's smooch! :D
2 years agoReply
awww I got 2
2 years agoReply