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I told you the Mets' broadcast crew was legit.

I wrote about Gary Cohen, Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez last week, singing the praises of the Mets' broadcast crew.
Now, Mets fans are making a massive movement to get Gary into the playoffs alongside the team.
SNY, the Mets TV station, does not own the rights to the Mets' playoff games. So, when the team has made it into the playoffs in the past, the national networks usually hire their own guys to call the games. Sometimes, Ron Darling, the best baseball mind of the Mets' trio, gets hired to do the games nationally.
Gary Cohen, the undisputed Voice of the Mets, is always left at home.
The fans have started a petition trying to get the Wilpons (the owners of the team) to support Gary Cohen and get him to call the playoff games.
It won't happen, in all likelihood, because the national networks already have their guys, and the Mets' radio guys, as I discussed in the card linked above, are outstanding in their own right, so bumping them in favor of Gary wouldn't be fair.
But can you imagine? Gary giving us a World Series call?

I'm dreaming now....

"Cespedes drills one, deep to left, this one's got a chance, IT'S OUTTA HERE!, HOME RUN!"

You can check out the petition here. It's started slowly, with just 166 signatures out of the 50,000 it seeks as of time of writing, but - hey! You never know!
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I can see why Mets fans would want him to be with them for the postseason! I mean that would be the same for a lot of other teams, such as the Dodgers and Vin Scully and the Yankees and Michael Kay haha