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How cute are these adorable canvas fruit pouches?! Their just small cute bags that can be used for makeup, toiletries, craft supplies, whatever. It's super easy to do and I think you will have a lot of fun making these for you and as gifts for your friends.
And don't forget about the kiddos. They can work on this too!

Supplies Needed:

Canvas pouches
Green felt
Masking Tape
Foam pouncers
acrylic paint
craft glue
1. Place masking tape onto the canvas pouch in a diagonal pattern
2. Apply white paint with
3. Peel back masking tape to reveal design
4. Allow the first paint application to dry
5. Place masking tape onto canvas in a diagonal pattern in the opposite direction and then paint.
6. Use a toothpick to apply little dots of paint as shown
7. Cut strip of green felt into pineapple fronds and adhere to bag with craft glue
1. Tape off the bottom of the pink clutch and apply white paint (you don’t need to cover the entire bottom with white paint)
2. Peel off masking tape and allow white paint to dry
3. Tape off the bottom of the bag about 1/2″ lower than the top of the white paint line then apply green paint
4. Allow green paint to dry then use a paintbrush to apply stripes of bright green
use a toothpick to pain on watermelon seeds
1. Use a toothpick to paint “seeds” onto the red clutch.
2. Cut green fronds just like the pineapple pouch and adhere to the bag with craft glue
What other fun fruit and vegetable pouches can you think of? Paint them. Create them. And then share them with me and all of us here on Vingle! For more creative craft projects, click here.