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Planned Parenthood has been in the news a lot and it seems like everyone is divided on whether or not this organization, one that offers judgement free, affordable, and easily available health care to millions of people nation wide, should be shut down. I think its clear whose side I'm on. But if you need a real quick refresher on why conservative republicans are trying to defund one of the most visited health care services in America check out my card right here. Of course, its all about abortions; or more importantly, the woman's right to choose if she wants to have a child or not.
Many of the arguments the conservatives are using involve the idea that human life starts at conception. That means what even though the sperm and egg have just formed, are smaller then the size of a kidney bean and have no organs yet, that is a baby. And if you believe that, that is 100% fine. I will never, ever, tell someone they should have an abortion or that they should throw their beliefs away.

But I think we need to talk about the difference between Pro-Life and Pro-Birth.

Pro-Lifers are people who claim they support and fight for the fetus' right to life. They believe that abortions are morally wrong, should be illegal and the child should be given a chance to live. However, the pro-lifers who stand outside of planned parenthood yelling insults, publicly shaming, and being incredibly abrasive to any women walking to the clinic WITH NO IDEA IF THEY ARE EVEN THERE FOR AN ABORTION, are not Pro Life. Those people are Pro-Birth, around to bully and shame women into carring an unwanted child to term, going through the pains of birth and then what.....? Then they bitch and complain about all the people on welfare, or the families that have way to many children and not enough money to support them, or are shocked and disturbed when kids with a terrible home life grow up to be less then upstanding citizens. Use your brain people.

Having a child doesn't just stop at birth.

And shockingly enough, women don't LOVE getting abortions, (I know, its a totally crazy concept to believe). They make that incredibly difficult decision because they know they can not give the child the life it deserves. Bringing a child into the life of extreme poverty, abuse, rape, incest, group homes, or simply immature parents or single mothers who can not even support themselves since they too are still children doesn't sound like life to me.

Think about it this way, the country doesn't even let kids drive until 16, vote until 18, drink until 21, or rent a fucking car until 25; but of course being responsible for another human being is ok at any age right?

Check out this video from a women who had an abortion at 16!
While her idea that abortions aren't a big deal because the universe is big is kind of stupid, the rest of her points make sense. She was 16, she wasn't ready, and the fact that she spent a lot of her young life feeling intense guilt and shame is ridiculous. Women should NOT be forced to carry a child they do not want, Period.

Our bodies are not vending machines, forced to push out anything because a stranger wants it.

We are human beings, with thoughts, and feelings, and we deserve a choice.
You can be pro-life for yourself, but that is because it is your body and you have absolutely no right to tell anyone what they can or can not do with their own body. So before you shame others for making the choice they know is the correct one, realize that keeping a baby doesn't just stop at birth. Having a child means at least 18 years of support, care, safety, and love. So if you are going to fight to take my right to choose away, you better at least know what you are, and let me give you a little hint; you certainly aren't pro-life and you defiantly don't give a shit about any baby.
@lizarnone My problem is that no one should be shamed for their decision. Which ever one they make. Another good point is that shame comes for many sides-parents-friends-outsiders-religion. Tough choice to make for the women and don't forget the guys
Can I just say that I’m loving all the really respectful comments and feedback on this post (whether prolife or prochoice, it’s all been really kind and thoughtful...usually topics like this blow up and get out of hand. you all rock
@SharayahTodd yes i agree! adoption is always a choice and i truly think women who get abortions usually consider that option before choosing (not all but i would say most)! i feel like the idea that you can be pro-choice but not believe in abortion for personal reasons needs to be talked about more, because i feel like the media plays it that you either have to be for or against.....meanwhile no one is asking that, pro-choicers are simply asking for the right to choose for themselves! @KellyOConnor we are 100% on the same page. as long as people are respectful of other peoples choices for their own body i am happy. its all about respect and rights to our own bodies.
I am 100% pro-choice too because I believe that it is your decision no matter what you choose. Wether you're pro-life or pro-choice shouldn't matter you should respect everyone's right to choose what is right for them. Abortion is less than 5% of what PP does. Not everyone who is pro-choice wants an abortion anyway, we just want the right to make that decision one way or the other for every woman. And that's a human right I really don't think I should have to be fighting for. Respect my choices and I'll respect yours too.
do i think everyone has the right to make their own decisions yes. do i think life begins at conception yes. is it hard to carry a baby for 40weeks knowing you arent ready absolutely. but i think people like to forget that although the adoption system isnt ideal or perfect it is still an option. itsnot for everyone but i think that abortion should be the last well thought out resort not the panicked first one.
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