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With all the cute things to keep you organized and your day running smoothly, I am really surprised that I have never come across this DIY before. I wish I had thought of it myself because it's so cool!
It's a cute little clip board with an easel backing. How cute! Let's get started with this awesome craft idea from Damask Love, online.

Supplies Needed:

a mini clipboard
a mini wood easel
gold spray paint
Hot Glue Gun
1. Cut down the clipboard with a saw and sand the corners rounded
2. Spray the clipboard with paint
3. Remove the ledge of the wooden easel and discard
4. Use a glue gun to adhere the easel to the back of the clipboard – use lots of glue!
Now you an attach anything you'd like to the clipboard easel. Be it a calendar or photos, let it be whatever you want. Whatever is important to you.
If you want to take this idea to the next level and turn it into a chalkboard also, click here to see how.