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Best way to rid of black dye without destroying my hair?
I have been dying my hair Black for years now. My natural is dark brown but after having my two children it comes in lighter. I keep trying to just let it grow out but the roots drive me crazy. My hair is thin so stripping it worries me. Any advice?
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I have been growing my hair from a swing bob for two years now.. I would cry if I ruined it lol. So I just keep doing black. I love the color on me but it gets boring. haha
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@MelodyTighe you can always get highlights or sombre, so when the roots show it will blend with the rest of your hair. I hope this makes sense.
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@HairConfetti will the colors show up over the black though? I usually dye my hair myself but will be going to a professional if I go a different color.v
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I looked up sombre. Love it! Ill have to bring that up to the stylist I use. Thank you
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@MelodyTighe Cool! Glad you like the suggestion. I would like to see how it turn out if you decide to get a sombre.
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