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CUTE!! <3 <3 Love this adorable wooden knob photo holder idea! As you can see, this project is SIMPLE to do and looks so adorable with metallic and bright colors. Reminds me of something from United Colors of Benneton.

Supplies Needed:

Wood knobs – I used a large 2″ wood knob and a smaller 1.5″ knob which was perfect for the mini prints
Metallic Lustre Gold Rush
Acrylic Paints in neon colors
Stencil Tape
A Craft Saw
Paper towels
1. Use a craft saw to create a slit in the top of the wooden knob. The slit should be approximately 1/2 deep.
2, Place a bit of metallic lustre directly onto the paper towel
3. Rub the Metallic Lustre onto the wooden knob using circular motions
4. Use a clean paper towel to buff the metallic lustre.
5. Take a scrap piece of paper and drag it through the slit. This will clean out any Metallic Lustre in the slit.
6. You’ll have a beautiful metallic gold ball at this point and you can stop right here if you wish!
7. To add a neon pop of color, tape off the bottom of the knob.
8. Add two to three coats of paint.
9. Peel back the stencil tape to reveal your glorious masterpiece!
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