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You all should know by now that I am a diy and jewelry fanatic. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I am going a little bonkers over this fabric and wood diy necklace. I hope you are loving this as much as me too because it's just TOO CUTE!!!!

Supplies Needed:

Wood stain in Golden Pecan
Unfinished wooden Beads – I used the 1 1/4″ wood beads with 3/8″ opening
Paint brush
Gold jewelry jump rings – available at most craft stores
A length of fabric sewn into a 1.25″ tube ( you can also use fabric glue to create this shape) – length of fabric will depend on how long you want your necklace to be
1. Place beads into the fabric tube one at a time, alternating between a bead on the inside and a jump ring around the outside.
2. Apply the wood stain to the remaining beads and allow to dry. Follow the package instructions and allow proper ventilation
3. Slide stained beads on the fabric, separating each bead with a knot
4. To wear the necklace, just tie a bow or knot at the ends
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