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The media is always abuzz with Taylor Swift. She is the biggest star in the world right now and no one can stop talking about her or her new star studded squad. And let me just say, her squad is BEAUTIFUL. Jam packed with models, singers and the best of the best red carpet stars she is the definition of #SquadGoals.
But there are also rumors of people like Miley Cyrus who have denied their invite to the Squad, which made me wonder.... How the hell does anyone cop and invite to the Swift Squad?
Here are some theories.

They Get Sent A Cute Kitten

Everyone knows about Taylor's obsession with kittens. Her Instagram is flooded with cute pics of her own and she even refers to herself as a cat lady. So, maybe each potential squad member gets their own kitten hand delivered with an invite.

Sweaters for days.

While Tay loves a good skirt crop top outfit, she also loves cozying it up in cute and comfy sweaters. So I'm thinking Taylor picks up the potentials and has a little one on one sweater shopping time to see if they are worthy.

Dance Off....obviously.

Probably the most fun invite, the girls show up and everyone has a huge dance off to see who is the best. Of course it is all in good fun and the goofier dance moves the better you are.

Invite them to be in a music video.

Because well....duh. Bad Blood was pretty much the premier of the squad.

Let me know what other crazy (but totally cute) invites you think T-Swift would give out for her future squad goal members.

Honestly, I would be in that squad in a heartbeat.
she probably has a lipstick death match lmao
Is it bad that I would NEVERRRR want to be in Taylor Swift's squad? I get these very strange Regina George vibes from her these days.
@KendaylBasden hahahah omg thats soooo perfect! although i look terrible in lipstick..... damn it lol
It's okay, Liz. You can be in Swifty's squad when she invites you. Just promise you'll be in my squad too. :')
@danidee I knowwwww sometimes I'm like wtf is happening but mostly I think she's still the same ol Taylor ... At least I hope
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