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Sometimes when I look at this notebook I see a noose. Others I see the lightbulb. Scary thing is if you think about it they symbolize the same thing. Hope. The light bulb is the light of tomorrow. Despite today’s darkness it’ll flicker on at any second. The noose is the hope all your pain will be over. No more bullshit to deal with. You can be at peace again. It’s interesting to think about. Then again it also shows something I firmly believe. That as people we only see what we want to. Not always what’s in front of us. Hell I’m a walking example of that. I’m clearly a man top to bottom but I have a baby face. So despite my male appearance people see me as a woman. They see what they want to see me as not who I am. If your sad and just don’t wanna deal with anything you see the noose. When everything is good and your happy you see the light bulb. All this is kinda like the classic half empty or half full glass. Lazy writer in love
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a noose is a rope tied a certain way so you can hang someone with it
What's a noose