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Our fav cartoons animations shown with their youth gone 馃槶
@danidee maybe this is what we were talking about? lol age gets to us all lol
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@Goyo Hahahaha these are disturbing. Except for maybe Porky Pig. He seems like he's still down for a fun time. @Marichel, where did you find these?! And why does Mickey Mouse look like my Uncle Domingo?
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Lol @danidee I find them online or while browsing fb feed lol
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Bahahaha I love it. @Marichel I had to go dig up a picture of my uncle for reference: -- I CAN'T UNSEE THE MOUSE.
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@danidee why does your Uncle Domingo look like Richard Nixon!? these are all kinda sad, like the Roadrunner in a wheelchair. : ( it's cool though, like well done.
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