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I'm new here so I didn't know you can't post videos. So I took a screen shot of the grossest thing I have seen (in Korea) by far. 곰장어 or Sea eel is a delicacy here, mainly in the South. I had them in Changwon after a grueling all-day meeting. Apparently you'll have stamina after eating the eel. Nope, didn't work for me.
That eel has already been cut to pieces and it is still moving, for quite a while actually. Ugh, gross...
@AmyLee1208 I'm glad you've already had it! And looks like you had 소맥 as well!!!
Oh okay. I just wondering because of the picture lol. It's def something I want to try. @AmyLee1208
Was the eel fully cooked??? @AmyLee1208
This is the best! I love 곰장어! You should also try 곱창 and 막창 which looks and sounds gross but is also really good!
@mchlyang I love 곱창! 😊
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