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Joyland by Stephen King
Here goes card number two. :) I've always enjoyed watching or reading anything from Stephen King, he's an amazing writer, with an imagination that I wish I had. Joyland is a little different from anything else he has written in the past. If you know Stephen King, then you know the moment you open any of his book or begin to watch any of his movies, you are immediately anticipating something scary, or slight horror. When watching his movies like, It, Carrie, Pet Cemetery, Cujo, etc. it opens up to scary music and if you read his book, it's like the scary music is playing in your head. It's not like that with this book. I enjoyed reading this book, it brought me to a different level, where it was more mystery then anything else. It was a problem that needed to be solved, basically. Throughout reading it, I was trying to be Sherlock and figure out "who done it". But of course Mr. King doesn't make it any easy for us to guess. I was surprised and very shocked, in a great way, on how the book ended. If you enjoy mystery and carnival and crimes, this is a book you must read. Stephen King has done it again. 4-stars in my opinion
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