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I been have pains in my left leg for the past few days, my transplant team thought it could be ligament damage or fuild, this was last Thursday. Over the past few days I notice my leg was getting darker and it was spreading!
I called the doctor ASAP and I went in. I was in pain and basically in tears. And yes I made the Vemon's Symbiote reference, I might be in all hell pain but I do have a sense of humor. The doctor now fears it can be a blood clot instead!
Yikes, when can I get a break? I just want to talk on the phone, watch TV, work, game, and read comics!
Oh I wish it was that easy, ring up someone.. Take away the pain and the go to sleep! So Vingle family I might be on vacation for a bit!
None of the photos are mine, all artists I give credit to. Thank you doctor deadpool! Lmao
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@LAVONYORK sending good vibes your way! Like @ButterflyBlu said you're amazing and you're gonna come out of this even stronger than before!
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I had a kidney transplant after 8 years of waiting @butterflyblu it has definitely has it's ups and downs. I'm currently In the hospital trying to find out what the hell is going on with my leg
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@LAVONYORK I believe in you! you got this, and you'll be back kickin ass (with that leg, even) in no time at all!
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HAHAH This card is so wonderful. Gifs and all. I'm glad that you weren't overtaken by Venom.
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@LAVONYORK I see. Gah, girl. I'm sorry you're dealing with this crap now. You Do need a break. >.< I hope they've controlled some of that pain by now. :( *Hugs*
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