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YAASSS By what @Baekyeol27 Gave me I ship you with the lovely Jongin!
Your passion for dance and music make you highly compatible with him. You can expect the random dance sessions once he comes ho e from work. He'd find enjoy.ent in seeing you dance passionately. He'd love to watch your movements and the faves you make when you get in your zone. He'd make you his muse, he'd make you his everything.
You also said you like dogs and Huskies, I can see that you don't necessarily want kids and he would be okay with it. He'd get dogs to replace them and the two of you could baby them and be a happy family. HOPE YOU ENJOY HSKAKSN
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@Baekyeol27 LMAOOOOO
* dies from Kai overload*
I have more kai
Really!? omg I love you!馃挐