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Great Things happening... GD and Jessamine have been dating for a while. This was there 5th date and Jessamine was super excited. She had no idea if he remembered or what was going to go down. Alycia and Desung have been dating too. Jessamine was so happy that her bestie finally found a guy that she could trust and treat her with respect. Alycia had some pretty crappy boyfriends and she deserved a good guy...even if he was a kpop star. They have only been dating for about 6 months and everyone around them could tell Alycia and Desung were soul mates. They finished each other words and developed an advanced secret language that only they understood. Jessamine was a bit jealous at first because that's how close her and Alycia typically are since college. But Alycia made it clear that Desung is her boyfriend and he could never replace Jessamine. The magazine was going great! So far the crew made it at number 3 on the most popular new American magazines covering kpop. Tiffany was a great leader and has bigger dreams for the magazine. Today Jessamine was excited to interview Kai from EXO.
Awkward interview with Kai from EXO... "So is it true you encourage your fans to love themselves no matter what Kai?" Jessamine says in a confident tone. "Yes, I do frequently. I know first had the pressures of society. I know my fans experience it to. They support me. So why wouldn't I support them too?" Kai grinned and then took a sip of his tea. "Okay thanks for your time Kai. EXO-L'S will love this cover story and interview of you." "Thanks I hope they will. It was a pleasure Jessamine. But can I ask you a question?" Kai rubbed his head. "Sure. Ask away." "There is a rumor that GD is dating you. I wonder if that's true. I mean what boyfriend would allow his sweet girlfriend to wear such a dress when he's not around?" Kai grinned. Jessamine blushed. "Kai" "Chica Kai has to go now. His manager is bugging the hell out of me!" Alycia mumbled in Jessamine's ear. "Oh Kai...your manager is waiting. Alycia will show you the way. We will have to wait until next time for that conversation." Jessamine pushes out a smile.
GD where are you... "Why do you keep looking at your phone during lunch time. It's rude Jessamine." Alycia says while peeking over her black frame glasses. "Shut up! Besides, I haven't heard from Ji-Yong all day. It's our anniversary of 6 months and nothing." "Don't get all worked up. He is a kpop celebrity. He's probably busy." Alycia sips her bubble tea. "Okay, but Desung has been blowing up your phone! I mean he's making time." "First of all GD and my bunny are not always together. They do have separate events. Next, our boyfriends are totally different. Just chill." Jessamine pouts and stuffs her face trying to calm down but she couldn't help her thoughts. Am I his girlfriend? He never stated that.
The gift... Jessamine was in her bedroom listening to Jhene Aiko and looking up a the ceiling. She was trying not to worry too much. Suddenly, her phone when off. It was her special ring tone for GD. She quickly picked up the phone her hands were shaking. "Whas up baby? You miss me?" GD says. "Idk if I should beat you or hug you Ji-Yong." " Aw...don't be mad. Happy Anniversary! Did you get your present?" "No Papi. What present." "It's under your bed Jasie. I will be there an about hour." They said their goodbyes and Jessamine reached under her bed to see a cute powder pink box with a gold bow. There was a card saying my new baby girl. I love my girlfriend. Love Ji-Yong. Jessamine almost passed out! Damn he laying it on strong...answers my questions. Inside the box was a little black dress, red bottom heels, and a matching red and black lace clutch. I'm so lucky to have a boyfriend that knows fashion. That's why amo a mi papi... Jessamine ran to the shower to get ready.
Arrival GD arrived. He was looking fresh in a fitted black suit. "Jessamine he's here!" Alycia yells. Jessamine takes a deep breath and walks to the living room area to greet him. Before she could say hello GD was liking his lips. "Dang you look as sexy as I imagined baby girl." Jessamine blushed while allowing him to look her over. "Thanks, Papi. You don't look so bad your self." Jessamine grabbed his arm. "Bye bestie don't wait up." "Looking good bestie...but you keep that cookie jar closed!" Alycia smiled at Jessamine but gave GD a stern look.
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