Day 14: list your favorite 5 songs and why! So when I was going through and picking, I didn't realize how well rounded on VIXX's discography my favorites were. I like stuff from their entire career span lol. But hey, that shows how consistently great they are!!!! So here are my 5 favorite VIXX songs.
1. Don't Want to Be an Idol (아이돌 하기 싫어) This is probably my all time favorite VIXX song. It is off their third single album On and On. This song is so special to me and quite emotional. This song is said to be based on Ken, although I'm not sure if it was ever confirmed? And although in the recording it is only sung by Leo and Ken, they do sometimes perform it as a group live which is swoonable.
2. G.R.8.U G.R.8.U was the title track from the repackaged hyde album, Jekyll. This song is so cute and I think shows off the boy's playful voices and vibes. I don't know why this song has touched my heart so much, but it will always be one of my favorites.
3. B.O.D.Y This song is off Voodoo, and just a ton of hilarious fun. The lyrics are like, baby Hyuk stop singing! Lol. I'm kidding, but really. There is no reason for this to be one of my favorites but I literally cannot skip it when it comes on. And it is probably the VIXX song I reference the most in normal conversation. (People think I'm just weird and like to spell body I guess).
4. 청춘이 아파 (Youth Hurts) Tears cry sad. This is off their second mini-album Error, and just so heartfelt and emotional. VIXX knows how to deliver emotion through purely their vocals, every single one of them. If you have had your first love, and aren't with that person anymore, I don't know how you could be unaffected by this song.
5. Memory Memory is off VIXX's fifth single album Boys' Record and was written and composed by Ravi, and only features Ravi and Hyuk. Can I just stay, Hyuk has grown so freaking much since the beginning?! He honestly could not have carried a song in the beginning. But he has worked so hard and now his deeper voice sounds so good and he has great talent. I'm so proud of my 1/2 bias and the maknae. And Ravi, whose composing is just wonderful. I'm glad he is proving himself.
HONORABLE MENTION:::: Super hero. Yes I love that song so much. It actually was my first VIXX MV and song I heard and it reminded me of SuJu. So different than what they grew into , but I still really liked it. I feel like I'm the only person who liked their debut though.
Thanks again for @byeolbit for starting this challenge! You are the best :)
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What I love is that though only 1 of these songs is on my top 5 list they're still ALL SONGS THAT I LOVE!!!! I think VIXX just has so many great songs, so much great music....there's just so much to love!!