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One major trend from the seventies that's having a moment right now is patchwork. The style ranges from subtle to the feel of a bold and eye-catching print, and can be worn on almost any garment or accessory to add a bohemian vibe to your overall look.
Whether in colorful patchwork prints or simple denim with a patch or two, the trend allows you to add a slight "DIY" feel to your clothes while maintaining high quality and style. It breaks up an understated outfit and adds an unexpected form of print.
The following are ways to wear the trend and places to shop the look.


Suede patchwork is the most 70's this trend will get, but it also has a more luxe feel than grungier fabric patches. Wear patchwork suede with chic and simple pieces for a trendy look that doesn't go in a costumey direction.
Get the look here, here, and here.


Patchwork denim is such a fun way to upgrade your basic go-to jeans uniform, but patchwork denim dresses and skirts are just as cute, and feel more special than denim basics.
Get the look here, here, and here.

Shoes & Accessories

You can also subtly weave patchwork into your ensembles with patchwork bags, scarves, and shoes, in suede, denim, or materials you wouldn't expect to find in a patchwork print, just to shake things up.
Get the look here, here, and here.
These are all very cute!
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