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Today SOTD is "Im going Crazy" by Se7en , please check it out because who knows you might like it. And i you do like this song are you a fan of his? Let me know and tell me your favorite song by him down below if you want :)
*raises hand high* I LOVE SE7EN!! HE IS MY MUSE!! I HAVE SO MANY FAVORITE SONGS I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO NAME THEM ALL!! HE'S MY ORIGINAL OPPA AND I MISS HIS VOICE!!!......*heavy breathing* Sorry sorry... I just have a lot of Se7en feels...
@AkiraCondry Thanks for sharing this! @SkullBunneh I feel you! I've been a se7en fan since his "la la la" and it's a pity he left YG but I'm excited to see what he's doing with his own entertainment company. I haven't seen anyone with the same voice and style before!
I've been a fan since his Japanese debut because it was through Jpop that I first heard him. I was surprised at him leaving YG too but I'm glad he's being his own boss and is still great friends with artists still at YG and even those who arent.